The exceptional performance of this stove is achieved in part by burning the smoke. A cleverly designed convection-fueled air duct directs preheated air at 300°C back into the top of the combustion chamber that ignites the smoke (smoke is just unburned fuel). The stove also utilizes an insulating heat shield, made of a highly reflective grade of stainless steel, as an insulator around the chimney or fire chamber. This not only serves to contain the heat but it also creates an envelope in which tertiary air is pre heated to around 300 degrees centigrade.

This stove has achieved the best ratings of all the wood burning stoves in the world (least emissions). It achieves an overall Tier 3 ranking according to the latest IWA ranking system (with emissions below PM 2.5 0.1 g/MJ). This virtually eliminates harmful CO gasses! As a mass modern manufacturer situated strategically in Africa we can and have already deliver mass quantities of stoves into the region and to over 22 countries.

The Rocket Works stove has 97% combustion efficiency, and is thus virtually smokeless.