The Zama Zama is perfect for the avid camper, hiker and poetjie/braai master. With its lightweight and low fuel requirements the Zama Zama is a
perfect adventure partner.

*Due to popular demand, for those of you who are brave and have the skills and equipment. We are giving you the opportunity to download the Zama Zama stove plans. This is not for commercial purposes. Rocket works is happy to assist with manufacturing options including a small royalty. The purpose of this is for hobbyists and enthusiasts. It will be available soon. Keep a look out.

Free shipping within South Africa. For orders out of country, please contact us.

Not only is the Zama Zama a revolutionary stove that has change the lives of many people through out the world, with its unique design, enabling it to provide safe and clean cooking, it is an amazing tool that is invited for use by the everyday individual.

The Zama Zama is an innovative accessory for camping adventures, providing you with a fast, safe and convenient way to cook while simultaneously protecting your health and the environment.

Made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel, the outer cage remains cool to the touch
even after hours of cooking and its thermal emissions are the best in its class.